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Natural olive oil soap against hair loss from Crete, Greece
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                                 "Worldwide Patent Against Loss of Hair"      Now Amalthia Olive Oil Cream  

AMALTHIA Olive Oil Soap conquers the world!

The problem of hair loss is a typical mens' problem. The sight of the bald growing male head is commonly seen as not desirable. That's why we fight it.
Everywhere in the world there are ointments, soaps, shampoos and other liquid medicaments, which are sold at high prices to the public and are said to work as hair restorers. And now here comes a new worldwide patent, which fights loss of hair, from Crete, Greece.

We are talking about the AMALTHIA soap. Its compound has been created by the well known goldsmith Vassilis Myriokefalitakis from Rethymnon. In the beginning he used the soap just for himself. When he recognized the fast impact, he gave it away to friends and relatives. Today the soap is known in the whole world, because the number of soap producing companies, who want to buy his patent, is not small. The question is: Is it possible for a modern industrial enterprise, whose primary goal is not to produce quality, but to make money, to produce traditional olive oil soap without chemical additives? He thinks, that's out of the question! For that reason Vassilis Myriokefalitakis keeps his mystery for himself. He prefers to give his soap away rather than go into mass production with all its possible negative consequences for the quality of the product.



AMALTHIA soap is a pure soap from olive oil and  extract of Urginea  Maritima  also called"wild-onion". More precisely, of one of the 50 species of that onion, which are still found in the Cretan flora. The soap does not contain anionic or non ionic active compounds, artificial colors or perfumes. It is 100% biological decomposable, contains no potassium and thus is environment friendly.
Thanks to the properties of the pure olive oil, the soap protects the skin in a soft manner. It does not provoke irritations even on the most sensitive skin.
The soap is produced in a traditional way in the oldest soap producing plant of the country  ABEA (since 1889), in Chania Greece, specially for Vassilis Myriokefalitakis. It is ready to use after 200 days of drying on special wooden tables. It has the classical longish shape. The packing is a special produced little card box.
Because of the difficulties to get the raw materials especially the wild onions, only a small amount of AMALTHIA is produced every year. But whoever uses the soap once feels at once the difference in quality in comparison with all the other soaps on the market.
It should be pointed out that the inspiration to create this product comes directly out of the Cretan tradition. Vassilis Myriokefalitakis learned of the wonder working properties of the wild grown Crete onion by old Cretans. An old hairdresser advised him to take green soap without chemical additives for the treatment of hair loss.
The mystery is hidden in Crete's nature. Vassilis Myriokefalitakis discovered it and created the AMALTHIA soap.


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